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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

1-877-KYSAFE1 or 1-877-597-2331

For contact information in other states, please visit our Report It page.

Additional Support:

Child help: National Abuse Hotline:
or 1-800-422-4453


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Tell Us the Good, Bad, and Funny Moments of Parenting

Parenting is tough, rewarding, and always changing. Face It would like to hear from parents and caregivers! Send in your parenting stories–the good, the bad, and the comedic.

Every kid is different, everyone parents a little differently, and everyone has ups and downs. Parents face a lot of pressure and judgment, which can then lead to stress. When we can reduce stress in the homes of parents, we can help to reduce the incidence of abuse and neglect.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and throughout the month we’re sharing parenting moments that make us laugh, cry, and nod our heads in agreement. Send your story to Shannon Moody at

Goal: To normalize the triumphs, difficulties, and sometimes comedic fails of parenting.

Format: 500-800 words

-Share an age or developmental stage (eg. potty training) of a child that you have thoughts and experiences on around skills learned (before, during, or after) or an activity that you and your child participate in and the age of the child
-Give a particular anecdote that captures the experience and skills needed or learned
-Talk about who helped
-Talk about what helped
-Talk about any resources utilized (advice from people, books, websites, self-care techniques, etc.)
-Offer a “silver lining” if talking about a particularly difficult time

-Include as much or as little personal information as you would like—but at a minimum the age and gender of the child, if both parents are present in the home, and if there are siblings or other caregivers in the home
-Send in a picture of you and the child to include with the post
-Write in your own voice—be yourself whether yourself is funny, serious, humble, confident, remorseful, etc.