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Is My Toddler Really a Puppy?

By Tina Agonva-Cason

Tina_sonSo as most of you know, teething can be a challenging time for both parents and baby.

I have recently become a mother for the second time, and my son is so different from my daughter! Other than the fact that he is a boy, his personality is so dominating compared to hers. I’m constantly chasing him around the house, cleaning up his path of destruction, and taking things out of his mouth, such as remotes, cell phones, and toys—and his new obsession is paper.

He doesn’t discriminate either. He chews on tissues, toilet paper, books, writing paper, mail, you name it. I’m about ninety percent sure that he has digested some of those items. The first few times I thought it was just his curiosity, but now I’m completely convinced that my child is a puppy!

Are You Sure?

I’ve read several blog post and parenting books to try to find an explanation for his new paper addiction. I’ve spoken to friends about this. They all tell me that it’s just a phase. I even asked his doctor to check for a tail and whiskers! I’m kidding, but my experience with my daughter was never like this. She was a quiet baby who really never made too much noise unless she was hungry or tired. Her teeth didn’t come in until she was almost two, and she didn’t really seem bothered. Maybe it was just her personality. She’s a lot like me; we’re both quiet and calm. My husband and son, on the other hand, are outgoing and talkative.

Puddles of Drool…

My husband and I have tried oral teething ointments but those just cause him to drool excessively, like a puppy. We also use teething toys but he just throws them at us. I’m guessing it’s because we have to refrigerate the toys so they’ll numb his mouth. But still no success. His only comfort seems to be paper-eating or chewing on his favorite blanket. Since it’s frowned upon to let babies eat paper, we do allow him to chew on his blanket and that seems to keep him calm. I guess it could be worse; he could be biting my furniture. In that case we would need to call an etiquette coach to come train my pup—I mean baby!

Hide Everything.Tina_son&daughter

In the meantime, my husband, my daughter, and I will just have to make sure all of our paper products are out of his reach, as well as frequently wash his blankie, as he would call it. There’s not too much we can give him, just remind ourselves that this will pass. Soon our biggest worry will be him completing school work, and hopefully he won’t be eating that.

Parenting can be comical, confusing, frustrating and sometimes scary, but overall it’s such an amazing experience. Whether you have one child, one K-9, or a handful of children. Just remember it goes by so fast, cherish every moment, and most importantly have fun!

Are you also grappling with a teething toddler or baby? The American Academy of Pediatrics has resources for parents about teething and their young child’s oral health.