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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

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National Blue Sunday Day of Prayer is April 29th

By Debbie Abreu

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. It began in 1983 when a report about 500,000 abused children caught the attention and heart of President, Ronald Reagan. Sadly, since the first Child Abuse Prevention Month, the number of abused children has grown. In 2016, just over 21,000 children in Kentucky experienced abuse and neglect. Instead of being discouraged by these statistics, churches can play a role in child abuse prevention by using this information to be empowered to pray and seek God on the behalf of these children.

Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention Initiative is dedicated to helping communities reach out to abused children and to support those who rescue them. Blue Sunday is calling on the faith-based community and children’s advocacy groups across the nation to join them on April 29, 2018 for a day of prayer.  This year’s annual call for prayer is titled: “Don’t Look Away – Become the Way”.

Child abuse is in every community and the faith community is a resource for hurt children and broken families. This battle cannot be won without the church. The church has many resources, such as empty buildings for parenting classes, number of willing volunteers, and finances, and more importantly they hold the key that victims need–hope. Hope produces faith and faith produces resilience.

To participate in Blue Sunday Day of Pray for Abused Children the only requirement is prayer. To register your church, click here.

Suggested Blue Sunday prayers for children who have experienced abuse:

  • Pray the children will be rescued.
  • Pray they are put with caring people.
  • Pray that their bodies can heal.
  • Pray that their mind can heal.
  • Pray they find hope.
  • Pray for their rescuers


Other ways your church can engage on Blue Sunday and throughout Child Abuse Prevention Month:

  • Talk to individuals in your church about raising awareness for child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it.
  • Invite a local child abuse prevention agency to your service. Let them set up an information booth and pray for them during your service.
  • Request Face It materials to hand out at church gatherings.
  • Set up a free child abuse prevention training.
  • Blue is the accepted memorial ribbon color for child abuse prevention. Consider handing out blue ribbons or free Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky stickers.
  • Hand out small pebbles and show the Pebble In My Shoe Video.
  • Check out Blue Sunday’s website for videos, bulletins, and other resources like Happy Families materials. Happy Families handouts are a great way to involve children in your Blue Sunday service. These simple handouts show what it takes to have a happy family instead of focusing on child abuse.


Let’s pray, educate ourselves, and volunteer for the children in our nation until black and blue are just colors in their crayon box.