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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

1-877-KYSAFE1 or 1-877-597-2331

For contact information in other states, please visit our Report It page.

Additional Support:

Child help: National Abuse Hotline:
or 1-800-422-4453


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Face It Friday: Back-to-School Doesn’t Have to Mean Back-to-Stress!


The 2018-2019 school year is here! Back-to-school time can mean a lot of changes for not only students and their younger siblings, but for parents and teachers as well. Students are turning in their pool days and playdates for homework time, sports practices, and other afterschool activities. Though the change in pace can bring stress to kids and their parents or caregivers, a new school year also brings new opportunities.

We are sharing six tips for a safe and successful transition from summer break to the new school year.

1.  Take a few minutes before or after school starts to ask if your child is nervous or excited about school starting, if they feel safe in the classroom, and if there is something that they learned or want to learn.
2. Build a parent-teacher relationship with open communication about skill building, appropriate developmental expectations, and helping your child regulate emotions and behaviors.
3. Offer to help other parents. Carpooling to or from school can help take stress off parents who have hectic morning or afternoon schedules.
4. Practice self-care. Stretching, exercising, or mindful breathing can be the difference between a calm response to stress or a total meltdown.
5.  If your child is struggling with homework, don’t be overwhelmed if they ask you for help. Remember, your child looks up to you as their biggest supporter.
6. If you need help or find yourself feeling overwhelmed, reach out to trusted adults in your community for help with chores, school activities, or child care.