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The Best Advice for Recovering Your Parenting ‘A’ Game

When it comes to parenting, everyone has good days and bad days. However, there are certain strategies you can follow to optimize your energy and abilities. Here’s some important advice to help you to be the best mom or dad you can be.

Recognize Your Rut

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut as a parent. Days of doing for others, ensuring schedules are maintained, diapers are changed, lunches are packed, and homework is complete can take a serious toll. Watch out for these indications you’re in a rut and need revitalization.

  • Days blend together all the time.
  • You’re too exhausted to enjoy your downtime.
  • Your daily goals are minimal, such as just getting through the day and getting to sleep.
  • You frequently daydream about escaping your life or living a life different from your own.
  • You complain a lot about being tired, worn out, or dissatisfied.
  • You think your life would be better with a change, but it’s easier to keep things as is.


Actively Seek Refreshment

Being in a rut and experiencing a downward spiral in your attitude isn’t fun for you or anyone around you. Instead of letting those negative thoughts have a foothold, do things that refresh your mindset. Consider some action steps to create positive energy, such as prioritizing the moment. Avoid thinking about the past or situations beyond your control and focus on the good things in your life. Nature and natural elements are shown to be uplifting, so consider taking Fido for a walk, getting some sunshine and vitamin D, or maybe adding a few houseplants to areas where you spend a lot of time.  

Stay Connected

It’s all too easy to get caught up in work, kids, and obligations, which can cause you to lose track of having a proper social life. However, ShareCare points out you need to stay connected and participate in activities with those who love and support you. Friends and family members can help you keep your perspective, bounce around ideas, vent frustrations, and remind you that you are valued simply for who you are. Another idea to help you avoid isolation is to connect with other parents in your area. For example, plan a playdate, get involved with a meal exchange, swap babysitting, or join a community center.  

Express Your Gratitude

Everyone experiences discouragement at times, and it’s easy to feel lackluster about life, especially if you’re experiencing parental burnout. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine notes that one simple way to feel better about your situation is to express your gratitude to others. Simply saying “thank you” to those making a positive impact on your parenting journey not only means making the recipient of your kindness feel good, but it also helps to reframe your focus on the good in your life. It’s also a great reminder you aren’t doing things alone.

It’s impossible to always perform your best, but with a few smart strategies, you can minimize the difficult times. Find ways to refresh your attitude, avoid becoming isolated, and remember those who are helping you, even in seemingly small matters. You can avoid burning out and rediscover your parenting “A” game.


Blog By: Caroline Hampton, Image courtesy of Pixabay