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How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Me: A 12-year old

By: Sariya Samuels, 12

I have never experienced anything like this outbreak of the coronavirus. Being in this situation like the coronavirus is pretty intense and scary for me being only 12 years old. 

When I first found out the coronavirus was found in Kentucky I was anxious. I was worried that people I love and care about were going to get infected with it.  With the help of my teachers and parents, I then found ways to prevent the spreading of it by washing my hands for 20 seconds, cleaning and disinfecting things I touch, and staying away from people who are possibly sick. A few weeks ago I learned a new word called social-distancing or staying out of social situations to help keep the virus from spreading and one of the many parts I hate about this outbreak. I am a very social person who loves being around people and doing things. When I found out we would be out of school for 3 weeks or more (counting spring break) I was a little excited but more sad that I couldn’t see my school friends as much because we can’t be in close contact. My parents explained that we have to be safe and cautious so people who may already have other illnesses like asthma, don’t get the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has changed so many more things. Instead of going to class at school I’m doing online classwork. For the hard assignments, I sometimes video chat with friends for help if my dad and mom are working. My mom is also trying to do her work stuff at home while taking care of me and my little brother. I did stop complaining about helping with chores but now I just do them so she doesn’t have to stress. My little brother can be a handful so I think this will help her alot. Being at a social distance has changed my birthday plans. March 26 I’ll be 12 years old and I won’t be able to do anything with my friends for a while. When I’m bored I like to watch movies, play board games, facetime or text friends, go on walks with my mom, and practice ballet. I even like to cook sometimes if i feel like it.

I hope that our lives will be normal again so we can enjoy all the things we used to. I do miss my friends alot but I understand that we will get to see each other soon when things are normal again. Soon staying home all the time will just be a memory.