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Keepin’ it Real! Rockin’ Your Oral Health Routine!

By; The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition Team- KOHC

Daily reminders on the importance of maintaining “ordinary routines” during this very “out of the ordinary” time are featured in the news and on social media. These reminders cover a multitude of topics. (There is even one prompting many of us to take daily showers and get dressed up before heading off to work “at home.”)

Parents are navigating new territory. The dilemma of sorting through the “what to do advice” can be daunting and time consuming when we are wearing so many hats and juggling tasks. It may be difficult to know where to turn for reliable, trustworthy information on a variety of topics, including oral health.

It is important to have a plan for oral health concerns that occur during this unprecedented time and is helpful to know when you should contact your dentist. The following key resources may help you formulate your plan.

– Kentucky Oral Health coalition (KOHC) provides guidance for individuals, families, and caregivers on how to approach dental care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
– The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides guidance on continuing health as well as oral health care for children.
– Residents can speak with a dental professional about oral health care needs at no cost to callers by accessing the DentaQuest hotline.

It is also important to maintain a good oral health routine. While children are home for school every day, why not take the opportunity to “brush-up” on oral health knowledge. Below are tips and activities to keep you and your family motivated. Maintaining good oral health can be fun!

Colgate How to Floss Video
Make sure your kids brush two minutes, twice a day.
Mouth Healthy How to Brush Video
Mouth Healthy What You Eat Affects Your Teeth
Mouth Healthy 4 Reasons Water Is the Best Beverage for Your Teeth
Mouth Monsters How to Get Kids Excited About Oral Health

Coloring pages- English, Spanish-(Español)
Crossword Puzzles – English, Spanish-(Español)
Make it a Habit Calendar- English, Spanish-(Español) 
March National Nutrition Month Activities
This is A-Maze-ing! English, Spanish-(Español)

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