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Announcing Kentucky Family Kindness Day: Saturday, June 6th

By Harper Kelly 

They’re all over social media and TV commercials – community heroes being recognized and honored for putting their own safety and health on the front lines for others.  Every-day people that before these pandemic times, were doing exactly the same things they are doing now, but the epic changes in our society has heightened our awareness of their selflessness, their bravery, and their resilience in the face of extreme adversity. 

Face It wants to highlight a group of folks who we feel are often our unsung heroes and are also on the front line during this time. They are THE front line for our kids – our parents/guardians and caregivers.

And we want to claim the first week of June to honor these folks and show our support for each other by doing something kind for them.  Join us in virtually celebrating Saturday, June 6th as Face It’s “Family Kindness Day!”

What does this mean for you? During the first week of June:

  • Identify a parent or caregiver who is particularly ‘rocking it’ for their children and complete a random act of kindness for them.
  • Capture your act of kindness through a video or picture
  • Share it with Face It on social media using the hashtag #FamilyKindnessDayKY
  • By doing so, the parent/caregiver’s names you’re highlighting will be placed in a drawing for a gift card! (Which would be ANOTHER kind act for them!)

On June 6th, join us for a Face It Family Kindness Day sharing blitz on Facebook and Instagram where together, we can encourage and further promote kindness to your community. 

Looking for some ideas for acts of kindness? Here are just a few:

  • Deliver groceries or send a care package
  • Words of encouragement via letter/card/call/text
  • Pick up a gift card from a local restaurant and leave it in their mailbox
  • Help tutor their school-age child virtually
  • Order or pay for someone’s favorite meal
  • Make a batch of cookies and leave it on their doorstep  
  • Mow their yard
  • Let a parent cut in front of you in grocery line
  • Drop off sidewalk chalk and bubbles for a fun outdoor playtime activity
  • Create an ‘activity box’ for a family, to include things like art materials, notebooks, chalk, bubbles, cards, activity books, family games, and reading books
  • Offer to talk to a friend’s child on the phone or via video call to allow the parent a break. One activity idea: tell the child they are the author and you are going to type their story, print it out with some pictures that go along with the story, and send the printed version of their ‘published’ work to them.


Remember, the goal is to show support for one another and to HAVE FUN!