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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

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Child help: National Abuse Hotline:
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6 Safety Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

6 Safety Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

The 2020 holiday season is quickly approaching and for many families it will look very different this year. One thing that still remains the same is it’s our responsibility as adults to keep youth safe.

The holidays can be stressful for many reasons and everyone can play a role in keeping kids safe, including preventing abuse and avoiding unsafe situations, overly stressed parents and caregivers, and children’s contact with extended family and friends. With the cases of COVID-19 still rising, many states are urging that families make some changes in how we celebrate this year.

Here are six helpful safety tips to share with friends and family 

-Consider not attending in-person gatherings with people who don’t live in your household. If gathering virtually is an option, you can connect with people through many free apps. As you participate in video calls with family and friends, Face It has created a document to support kids and identify signs of safety concerns called Virtually There.

-If you can’t avoid relatives coming to visit or if you plan to shop in-person, maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet and when you’re not eating or drinking, wear a mask. Avoid large gatherings and shopping in crowded stores.

-Children learn good boundaries by watching the adults around them and figuring out what is comfortable for them. It’s important to ask a child if they want a hug and respect what the child says. Never force a child to hug or kiss a friend or relative if the child is reluctant, especially now with the pandemic. This can help ensure the health and safety of everyone.

-If a child is connecting with relatives and friends virtually and on a phone, ensure that they know to be aware of anyone who asks them to keep a secret, even when you trust the people they’re connecting with. For more information about talking to your kids about appropriate vs, inappropriate secrets, check out Face It’s Body Safety 101 resource here.

-Parenting is hard, and sometimes friends and family members with good intentions can make it even harder. If a family member offers unsolicited advice or makes a negative comment, remember that you know what is best for your child. You can ignore the comment or ask that they withhold their advice.

 -In years past, holidays mean more errands and a child in tow on these errands can add additional stress to a situation, leaving a parent or caregiver vulnerable to reacting emotionally to frustrating child behaviors. If shopping online is an option for you, many stores are offering delivery and free pick-ups. This can help lessen the stress of shopping with children and the transmission of COVID-19.


For more resources to help keep kids safe, check out our free downloadable materials here.