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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

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A New Valentine’s Day Tradition

 Each year, when Valentine’s Day comes around, we often think of ways to show our partners or significant others how much we love and appreciate them. We may even look for fun and creative ways to shower our kids with love, as well. This year, however, we challenge you to a new Valentine’s Day tradition that will allow you to spread love and joy to some folks who certainly deserve it: parents and caregivers. 

This past year has been tough for all of us in different ways. We have struggled through the pandemic and the fallout that has resulted from it, as well as grappled with the social unrest throughout our country. We are all exhausted. No one more so than parents and caregivers, many of whom have had to deal with working from home, dealing with childcare issues, and helping their kids with remote learning, all while trying to keep coopedup family entertained, learning, and healthy.   

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show some love to the parents and caregivers in your life. Check out our ideas to let them know you see their hard work and appreciate their care for our future generations: 

  • Deliver groceries or pay for a meal via a carryout delivery service 
  • Send a self-care package with adult coloring books, soothing music, candles, and bath bombs 
  • Offer words of encouragement via letter/card/call/text 
  • Pick up a gift card from a local restaurant and leave it in their mailbox 
  • Help tutor their school-age child virtually 
  • Make a batch of cookies and leave it on their doorstep   
  • Let a parent cut in front of you in a grocery line 
  • Create an ‘activity box’ for a family, to include things like art materials, notebooks, chalk, bubbles, cards, activity books, family games, and reading books 
  • Set up a virtual playdate to entertain their kids while the caregiver gets a short break. Do activities together over video chat, such as coloring or reading a book. 
  • Help a grandparent (or someone less tech-savvyset up their electronic device so they stay connected through video chat 


Above all, the best support we can give our fellow parents and caregivers is a listening ear. Whatever you decide to do, remember that a small act of kindness can have a tremendous impact.  


Blog by Carli Mosby-Smith, Image courtesy of