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When I Think About “Being Grandpa”

Interview and blog by Kayce Dallas, Kentucky Youth Advocates Intern


Grandpas have ears that listen, arms that always hold, a love that is never-ending, and a heart made of gold.” 

Both of my grandpas are some of the most important people in my life. They have taught me how to stick up for myselfto never give up on my dreams, and to always be myself. They are supportive, loving, and inspirational. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.  

Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates, is also an important grandpa. He says being a grandpa is one of his favorite roles in life. It is one I love and it is one that I strive to take seriously.” Here are three tips from Terry on being a great-grandpa.  

Break as many rules as you can get away with and enjoy every moment of breaking those rules even more than the grandkids do!  That keeps you young and adds magic to those kids! 

_______I love the anonymous quote that asserts, “Breaking all the rules and loving it, is what it means to be a grandpa!”  Or there’s a great “Family Circus” cartoon in which the kids say, “That is too expensive for mom and dad.  I guess we had better go to work on Santa or Grandpa!”  And yes, when it comes to treats, sweets, and flexible bedtimes, I am there!  Always! 

Invent big moments and those big moments don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!  Their only cost is your creativity!  And those “Kodak” moments give kids zest, an ingredient all too scarce for all too many young people! 

_______I must confess to digging the big ones … you know — when we all go to that football game together or we all invent that Christmas extravaganza together a “Kodak” moment. 

And finally, seize the little moments because it is in those moments that you can truly connect heart to heart and soul to soul.  And that is the business of legacy. 

_______Ah, the little moments.  Those times when nothing is planned but something so deep and big happens.  I think that the power in those little moments is based upon an awareness of what makes each grandkid tick and then seizing on it for all it’s worth. 

“When I think about “being Grandpa,” it is absolutely about the fun of breaking those rules.  And it is absolutely about the fun of those big moments.  But what I most treasures are the smallest of moments which inevitably lead to the biggest of connections.  And those small moments are available to every grandpa whenever you have that chance to be with those grandkids!”  


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