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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

1-877-KYSAFE1 or 1-877-597-2331

For contact information in other states, please visit our Report It page.

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Child help: National Abuse Hotline:
or 1-800-422-4453


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Top 5 Summer Safety Tips

Summertime has finally arrived! Summers are ideal for spending quality time with family and friends, taking a relaxing vacation, and allowing your kids to take a break from the demands of school.  Summertime can also be a challenge for parents as they attempt to plan fun and enriching activities to occupy the whole family and make special arrangements for childcare. Check out these 5 Summer Safety Tips to ensure you and your family get the most out of the season!

1) Make a SPLASH: Revisit the Face It Body Safety 101 brochure and the SPLASH Body Safety guide to ensure children are educated on safe touch. Bathing suit season offers an opportunity to bring up boundaries naturally.

2) Be SUN Safe: Hydration and sunscreen are essentials when kids are playing outdoors. Utilize water, shade, and lotion or spray with SPF 30 or above to prevent sunburns.

3) Supervise accordingly: Depending on the age of the young person, appropriate supervision is essential to safety especially around water, fireworks, ATVs, bonfires, and boats.

4) Rework your routine: Children of all ages rely on a routine to set expectations and feel safe. Summer schedules can be strange but talking to your kids about what to expect and what is to come can help prevent tantrums or cranky attitudes.

5) Sit with your sitter: If you have a new babysitter or childcare provider, sit down, and talk to them one-on-one before they care for your child. Ask them what they would do in an emergency if they have basic lifesaving skills like CPR, and if they make you uneasy, TRUST YOUR GUT. Parents and caregivers can conduct background checks for safety here:

For ideas on Free activities to do with your kids this summer, check out Face It’s 10 Free Activities to Connect with Your Child and 10 Activities to Connect with Your Baby or Toddler.