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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work for Busy Parents

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work for Busy Parents by Colleen Stewart

Working from home just got a whole lot harder. The COVID-19 pandemic has made work from home the new normal. Amongst technology glitches, long calls that could’ve been an email, and endless Zoom meetings, caring for the kids can end up stretching you thin. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, 70% of parents reported feeling stressed about meeting the needs of their kids during the pandemic.

Face It has the tools to help you through this challenging time. Whether you’re a boss mama or a single dad, we’ve got the resources to help you navigate that much-coveted work-life balance.

Create a Designated Workspace

While it can be tempting to migrate with your kid to whichever space they’re in, set up a separate work area for focused productivity. This will set the expectation that it’s time to focus on work when you’re in your room. Draw the parallel of schoolwork and remind them of how irritating it can be to be interrupted while trying to do their assignments!

Be sure to keep stationery and equipment at hand, so you’re not running around looking for things during the workday. And if you can, try to find a space that isn’t right next to the kitchen or living room. This way, you’ll be distraction and noise-free when you hop into important meetings or discussions. If you find yourself worried about your kid when working, set up a play area for them in the office. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them, help them with homework or give them a cuddle and then get right back into work!

Stay Comfortable

Comfort and ease of movement will be critical when setting yourself up for remote success. You should feel unrestricted so you can run after the kids with flexibility and ease while looking stylish and put together for work calls. The elevated loungewear trend is perfect for busy parents who want the best of both worlds. Essentially, look for clothes with soft, stretchy fabric created in a flattering and elegant cut. For example, new moms can benefit from a nursing panel that will allow them to nurse and pump (both at home and away from home) while looking work-ready.

Meal Prep

According to the Food Network, we spend over an hour each day eating or preparing the food we eat. That one hour is time away from your kids and work! While preparing lavish meals for your clan may seem appealing, it probably won’t work for your busy lifestyle. Not to mention, kids typically prefer simple snacks and meals rather than gastronomically adventurous cuisine! Keep snacks on hand to prevent cranky kids and to ensure you have grab-and-go snacks on hand. Nuts, veggie sticks, cut cheese, fruit, hummus dips – anything works, as long as your ingredients help you power through the day with energy and focus. This way, if your calls run a little late, you’ll have food set up for both you and your kid. Check out this handy healthy snack guide by Well Plated here.

Make Time for Selfcare

According to Forbes, 52% of Americans consider themselves burnt out. While you may feel guilty to take some me-time, remember that you’ll be a better parent (and employee) if you’re well-rested. And why not take advantage of the work-from-home lifestyle to find little moments throughout the day to work on yourself? Meditating and reflecting will help most busy parents. Give thanks for your kid, and question if you’re satisfied with your life and career. Do some light stretching between caring for the kids and work, or maybe go for a jog around the block – anything to get those endorphins rushing in!

Parents working remotely with young children at home are on double-duty. You deserve all the credit because you’re essentially juggling two full-time jobs! But as we settle into this new lifestyle, you may just find yourself thriving in all the benefits of the work-from-home parenting lifestyle. Did you enjoy this article? Face It is a movement to end child abuse. Be sure to check out the resources section on the website for lots more informative content today!

Blog by Colleen Stewart, Image from Unsplash