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Face It Youth Ambassadors Children’s Advocacy Week Recap

By: Hunter Fackler & Felicity Krueger – Face It Youth Ambassadors

 Hello everyone! We just had a fun week of rallying for kids at this year’s Children’s Advocacy Week (CAW)! The festivities began with a kick-off event and closed with a celebration of KY kids! We saw pure passion with the way advocates showed up to support Kentucky kids. A special thank you to Senator Wise, Representative Banta, Representative Timoney, Representative Johnson, Senator Raque Adams, Representative Meade, and Lieutenant Governor Coleman who were willing to take time out of their schedules to be a part of Children’s Advocacy Week. We had multiple events that provided advocacy opportunities for Youth Ambassadors! Below are the experiences shared by two of our Face It Youth Ambassadors from Children’s Advocacy Week. 

Hello, my name is Felicity Therese Krueger! When I was young my mother got involved in the advocacy game. Being her youngest homeschooled daughter, I learned a lot about advocacy! I was mesmerized as I witnessed the effect that advocacy made in people’s lives. I met people who were just like me and I saw them create a change in the world. I wanted to be just like all of the advocates around me. When I was 13, I got involved and started my own advocacy journey. I met the kids who were/are the same as I was and soon realized how my personal experiences could add more value to my advocacy. I started wanting to be the person I needed when I was young.  So this fun activity turned into a passion. I wanted to fight for youth. Youth need their voices to be heard because they are the next leaders of the world. They are the ones who know what is affecting them here and now! I’ve always loved Children’s Advocacy Week. I am even more excited to see how many other passionate people share similar views, are willing to stand up for youth, and tell the world that youth need support and care. I also loved hearing from legislators who were willing to answer questions and tell us about their experiences! 

Hello, I’m Hunter Fackler, I’ve been involved with Kentucky Youth Advocates for two years now. Despite being relatively new to children’s advocacy, KYA welcomed me with open arms and helped me develop my passion for advocacy. I’ve been honored to have the opportunity to work as a Face It Youth Ambassador and participate in Children Advocacy Week (CAW). My favorite part of CAW was meeting with and hearing from various leaders and advocates in Frankfort. It was really inspiring to hear their plans and projects for the future that will surely benefit youth across the commonwealth. These meetings gave me a great deal of hope for the future of Kentucky.  I believe if we continue to support our leaders in Frankfort and speak out for youth in Kentucky, many victories for youth will follow.  I have full faith that Kentucky Youth Advocates and those involved during CAW will greatly diminish child abuse in Kentucky and make it a much safer, happier, healthier place for youth.