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October is Bullying Prevention Month

By Rennay Marshall, Director of Communications at Family & Children’s Place

October is anti-bullying month, and it is important to recognize bullying can happen in many different  ways to the children we care about. According to, “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive  behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” For children  growing up in today’s age of technology, cyberbullying is more prevalent than ever.  

Through school-based services at Family & Children’s Place, students at three local schools learn the  impact of bullying, why it is important to never engage with it, and most importantly, how to stand up  for themselves and their peers if they witness or suspect it. School-based services are offered at  Engelhard Elementary and Meyzeek Middle schools in Louisville and Hazelwood Middle School in New  Albany and offers family-centered help designed to improve academic success and strengthen families  while building character, social competency, and bolstering relationships between the student, family  and school.

Through community partnerships, students in our school-based services programs are introduced to  new experiences and opportunities where everyone is a beginner. With everyone on a level playing  field, students work together, learn from each other, and build connections and community. One of the  main principles in the school-based services program is respect. Students learn to respect themselves  and each other and by doing so, develop crucial communication and conflict resolution skills which  greatly reduce the threat of bullying. By understanding what bullying is, gaining the ability to  communicate effectively, engaging in creative and enjoyable new activities, and practicing how to treat  themselves and others, students are prepared to not only avoid bullying, but stand up to it when it  occurs.

Unfortunately, bullying and being bullied can present in ways that are easily overlooked by adults.  Children are known for losing items, not wanting to go to school, or asking for snacks after they get  home. But these small gestures could tell a larger story. For a child who is being bullied, their items and  food could be stolen and fear of facing the other child leads to not enjoying school. As an adult, make  sure you’re asking questions to understand what’s going on with the children in your lives.  

For more resources to learn more about bullying and its impact, visit Click here to watch a video of a recent art exhibition for the student artists in our program. To learn more about  Family & Children’s Place and the school-based services team, please visit our website today!


Rennay Marshall is the Director of Communications at Family & Children’s Place and enjoys working with children, families, and the incredible program staff at FCP who dedicate their lives to the community.