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All Kentuckians are mandated reporters. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Child Protection Hotline.

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Keeping calm (stress free) when it’s cold

In Kentucky, you never know what the weather will be like: it may be snowy with negative temperatures one day and 60 degrees with sunshine the next. Whatever the weather may be like where you are, entertaining your kids during the winter months can be a challenge. While it’s important to make sure our kids are getting plenty of outdoor, physical activity time built into their day, there are still plenty of indoor activities you can do with your kids that will keep them occupied, entertained, and, most importantly, happy on days when getting outside just isn’t an option.

Indoor Activities for Preschool Kids (ages 2-4)

  • A fun game of Duck, Duck, Goose or other such games can create a little excitement in their day and help to burn some of that pent up energy most preschoolers tend to have.
  • Finger painting allows your kids to express their more creative side and will keep them occupied for quite some time. All you need is blank paper, finger paints, and an old t-shirt of yours they can wear to keep their own clothes mess-free. And remember, messes are part of the learning process: let them happen, clean them up, and move on!
  • Hide and seek is another classic kids’ game that will bring joy for the whole family.


Indoor Activities for School-Age Children (ages 5-8)

  • Building a fort with your kids is a fun, creative way to connect with them. All you need are pillows, blankets, and a creative mind.
  • Simon Says is one of those games that just about anyone can play. It teaches your kids how to listen carefully and follow instructions. In case you aren’t familiar with the game, here’s how you play.
  • Baking teaches kids so many things: measurement, precision, and patience to name a few. You can even share what you bake with loved ones or your local police or fire department. Try some of these fun recipes with your kids.


Indoor Activities for Tweens (ages 9-12)

  • Play charades as a family. For charades, all you need is a bag full of slips of paper with things written on them. You will want the papers to have things written on them that someone can read and then act out without using any words for a crowd of people to guess.
  • Play a board game or card game. There are so many amazing board games, and some of them serve educational purposes as well!
  • Build a robot together. If you have random objects or recycling laying around your house, then you have the makings of a robot. It is likely all you will need is a hot glue gun and glue sticks.


Indoor Activities for Teens (ages 13-17)

  • Play two truths and a lie. This is a fun game that allows you to connect with your kid on a deeper level. Plus, it’s fun to try to fool each other.
  • Have a movie night. Make an event of it by renting/streaming a movie that your family has been excited to see. Popcorn and snacks are a must!
  • Work a puzzle together. Sitting down at a table with a cardboard puzzle can be super relaxing and allow you to talk and connect with your teen while you work it. There are puzzles for all ages and skill levels available.


Whatever activities you decide to do, just know that any quality time you are spending with your kid are opportunities to make meaningful and lasting memories!